Atlassian apps of the month

We help discover essential apps for Atlassian ecosystem. Every month we publish two most interesting and valuable Atlassian apps. Recommendations reset every 1st day of the month so check back if you don’t want to miss out!

The app can analyze all Jira logged time and automatically create invoices for all your clients just in one click. Time reports for clients are also generated and attached to invoices. Works like a magic and saves a lot of time!

And to make accounting even more simple, Clerk has QuickBooks integration that automatically sends all generated invoices to your QuckBooks account. Xero integration should come soon as well.

Probably the best time tracker for Jira with tons of features. Tempo has recently introduced time tracking automation that analyzes your calendar and makes suggestions to fill your timesheet easier.

Now they are working on a very promising tool that will provide time logging suggestions based on your activity in different desktop apps that you use on your computer.

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